May your money find you in all your hustling….

Many people always look at me with a funny eye when l say “money is in the money”. This has become one of my favourite sayings because l have found some truth in it. Wait what exactly does it mean though? Your money is on the money. I am going to share with you what it means…

We all know money is a medium of exchange and everything in the world revolves around money right. If you don’t have this green stuff people tend to call themselves that they are broke. I have come to challenge you that there is no such thing as broke. The other week l wrote on the Power of your money mindset, the issues with money basically has to do with your mindset. The way you look and treat money is the same way it will treat you.

If you are that kind of person if you lend a few dollars and the first thing which comes to your mind is spending then l tell you, you will always have empty pockets. If you are one of the few of us who when they get money the first thing which comes in mind is either saving or investing then you are surely guaranteed to see your money in your money.

Let me stop derailing and get to my point why l  said there is no such thing as being broke… to the reader who thinks he/she is broke, I have one question l want  you to ask yourself, “What do you do with the money you get?” I know we do have a lot of excuses to why we think we are broke and to be honest, those are very relevant and genuine excuses so long you believe in them and are not willing to have a mindset shift. You will always look at money as the enemy, but frankly speaking, you are the enemy to your money.

Look at money this way: Imagine each dollar you make is a worker in a field. Each dollar you spend means one less work in the field, which means less overall “yield”. The key to building wealth is leaving as many workers in the field as possible. Let their labors compound. In time, your money will have kids, and soon, those kids will be working in the field, too. In this way, not only is your money working for you, but your money’s money is working, too. So, you see where my saying came from; money is in the money.

Whatever decision you make whether you rely on salary or on your hustles, it does matter. It’s just a matter of prioritizing your wants and needs and gauge what you want with your money. The honest truth money is and will never be enough. If you failing to manage a mere $100 now even when you get a million you will not be able to manage it. Forget the figures and have a mindset shift on how best to handle your money so it can actually start working for you.

May your money find you in all your hustling. Money is after those who genuinely look for it. Hardworking on its own will not guarantee you the money you also need to plan on what to do with the money after the fruits of your labor. The bible is also written in Proverbs 21 vs 5 NLT “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.” Don’t just waste your energy in being a hard worker and with no proper planning of what you will do with your money.

Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to money otherwise, it’s a recipe for poverty.




By Talent Tarie Manyonga

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