The power of a positive money mindset

Ever wondered how much your thought process affect the way you manage and handle your finances? I get chaffed most of the time when my clients or relatives tell me that they don’t have enough money to put on a budget or to save. Then l ask them one simple question, “What do you do with that little money that you have?” Many will respond that they spent it on airtime or takeaways. Do you know what my response to this is? “We need to shift your mindset so as to look at money differently.”

What many people don’t get is that a lot of money doesn’t necessarily unlock the door to financial freedom or make you rich. The key to financial freedom is found when you manage the money you have well!

For us to be able to manage the money we have now, it begins with our mindset. What do you think of the money you have? Do you have a poverty mindset or an abundant mindset? So, what we allow or read, or associate with everyday does really matter most on how we end up handling our money.

Will share some characteristics of a poverty mentality:

  • Hopeless thinking – this group of individuals love saying “l can’t, nothing works for me or l can’t afford to save l earn little money”. They are filled with so much negativity.
  • Fixed thinking – they also love saying “that is the way l am and that’s how l handle my money” There is no room for change on them.
  • Unfinished thinking – when you tell them of budgeting their response is “I might start, but l won’t finish because it is not possible to maintain a budget particularly in this economy where its hand to mouth survival”.
  • Self-thinking – l will first spend then will save what’s left, they don’t believe in the pay yourself concept.
  • Stuck thinking – this group of people love making excuses of the economy and everything else, you can hear them singing “haa the economy is bad, nothing works inflation is killing us”
  • Recycled thinking – they like saying this “we always did it this way so why should we start saving now, what is saving anyway?”
  • Lazy thinking – they can’t be bothered about their finances they just move with the wind.

You can’t see the benefit of money if your mindset is stuck in any of those characteristics. You need a mindset shift. Change your mindset, be more curious and more intentional about your money. You will notice once you change your thinking, your life will also change because the way you will look at money and handling it will be different.

Let’s have an abundant mindset to see that money is actually in the money. The choices you make today with your money will tell you where your future will be with your money.

Money matters, be in charge of it.





By Talent Tarie Manyonga


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