Do Money Affirmations Really Work

Oh well, when l started doing these money affirmations l did not believe in them. My husband also thought l was losing it. To be honest, doing money affirmations sounds a bit crazy. I kept doing them because the research I had shown that many successful people do them. To me this sounded more like Bible meditations so just told myself why not try them.

I did my first 21 days religiously; little did l know l was building money attracting habit. Money is like a spirit so you have to proclaim it. When you proclaim it, it will be attracted to your pockets. The affirmations must not just end on proclaiming the money, but we must also affirm that you will take care of your money so that it can be able to care for you.

What do l mean by money affirmations?

To “affirm” is to state that something is true. When applied to the spiritual life, an affirmation is a statement of truth which one aspires to absorb into his life. So, money affirmations are statements that attract wealth and abundance. These go on to how you handle money nicely that it gets attracted to you and your money reserves.

Do money affirmations work?

They DO work, but only if you practice them consistently, and you recite the ones you actually believe in. Affirmations alone may not help you manifest but it’s the feeling they generate within you that does. When you affirm them, you must put action into them. For instance, if you affirm that “I receive money every day” you have to find ideas that can actually generate the money every day. Doing the money affirmations only without putting in action will not yield results.

Are Money Affirmations working for me?

To be honest l wish l had known of this earlier in my life. Since l started doing affirmations l have seen my money working wonders for me. One of my favorite money affirmations is “My hands are gold every idea l think of turns into money”. Ever since l started this l get a lot of ideas which are actually bringing in money. So, yes l can proudly say money affirmations do work.

Whenever you say affirmations, you THINK THEM and you SEE THEM in your mind. Surely money will follow us all the days our lives.


By Talent Tarie Manyonga

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