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Finances with TARIE!

Money Matters, Be In Charge Of It.

Get excited in knowing you in control of your finances

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

I have a strong passion for working with non-professionals, professionals and entrepreneurs to get them excited in knowing that they are in control of their finances and bring their financial dreams to reality.

Financial literacy!

  • Financial Literacy
  • More about your money personally
  • Habits to boost healthy financial behaviour
  • Understanding what is a budget
  • How to set up a budget
  • Budget stress testing
  • Actionable steps to teach children about money
  • How you can get your children involved in the process and fall in love with building wealth
  • Understanding short and long term investments
  • Understanding risk attitudes
  • Risk vs Return


It was an honour to be part of the Financial Literacy class i now feel empowered. I benefited a lot n with this my financial life will never be the same again Thanks once again and will be in touch always
Ronald Mutee
Hi Tarie. Thank you for the classes. Most of the time could not make class on time because  of other commitments.  But was glad l could rewind and still catch up . The course was simple  to follow  and content easy to comprehend  for non finance people  yet effective in taking control of my finances. It was also intuitive as we learnt about money personalities and investor attitudes. The only thing l would  recommend  is  for you to have audios of all the lessons  because l enjoyed  the audios when l was pressed  for time. You can listen whilst doing something  else
Patience Machuchu
Hie Tarie...thank you so much for the knowledge. It was very enlightening. I  enjoyed it and it is helping me especially budgeting and saving. I think having notes compiled into 1 document could be very useful. Otherwise everything is on point. Overally...you are a 10/10
Vanessa Chengaose

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