Learn How To Manage Your Money And Ways To Grow It

What You’re Getting

In My Money Matters Academy you will learn how to manage your money and ways to grow it. Taking care of your money so that it can be able to take care of you because it matters.

Every month you will get 3 one on one financial coaching sessions so that you can be able to be in charge of your finances

Drafting A Budget

Learn how to come up with a proper budget that is simple and comprehensive

Ideas To Add More Sources Of Income

First rule of money is to never have one source of it. We give you insight into how to get multiple sources of income and manage them.

Assisting With Estate Planning And Will Writing

We help you come up with Wills and estate plans.

Debt Repayment Plan

You have any debts and stressed on payment? We teach you techniques that allow you to plan how to settle debts hassle free.

Ways To Stick To Your Budget

Learn habits that help you manage your finances which disciplines you in sticking to your budget.

How To Be Financially Prudent And Many More

Become financially prudent in less than 3 months.

Make The Right Financial Choice

When it comes to money matters you need to be consistent and the Money Matters Academy will provide you with that with weekly follow up sessions. We giving you a platform to revisit all Money Matters Academy material at your own pace and freely ask questions and get a quick response


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