When all this is over challenge……

There are a lot of ideas on my vision board, some of which l never got enough time to do because l have set a lot of plans. With the crisis going on, some of these ideas l have to put them on hold until further notice. I just have to revisit them and make some adjustments were necessary.

One of our bloggers on the rising tribe started when all this is over the challenge, you can read it here… l was challenged to write something on it too. So here it goes, at first, when l accepted the challenge, I did not know what exactly I was going to write. I went to my vision board, this is something I do more often, l came across were l wrote about generational wealth.

I had many thoughts that came through my mind. Like with all the uncertainty, the lockdown, the crumbling of financial markets how do l build this wealth for my children and the generations to come? For a moment the negative me wanted to take control of my mind, but l quickly dismissed it by telling myself that it does not have any space, that’s when l started thinking of when all of this is over what am l going to do to make my dream come true.

In my household budgeting and saving it’s something, we do religiously, anyway what can you expect from people who work and talk finances. With this pandemic, we had a serious talk regarding this crisis and other effects it can have on our budgeting and savings. We noticed that in the midst of this crisis they are some habits we just take for granted. Like taking our savings seriously which, we end up just throwing into impulse buying when we chase on specials and purchasing what we do not really need.

When all this is over l vowed that l am going to continue like l am still under lockdown, I will not be spending on what l did not plan just because l saw it on special. The iron of it, we convince ourselves that l got this pair of shoes on 50% mark-down, in all honest do we really need that pair of shoes or we just buying because its written it’s on mark-down? Do we know that little money if we can add it to the savings it can make a difference to the creation of wealth for our children?

Now l have an understanding that most of our expenses are just wants and not needs. This is just human nature because we are trying to keep up with the Joneses. The iron of it are they even looking into your direction or they are busy minding their own business? I just learnt that by trying to do this I am the one minding others’ business and not minding my own. Hence am losing my focus, this is another habit l told myself it will not take me anywhere closer to building a legacy l want for the next generation. When all this is over l will not try to keep up with the Joneses but l have my own race which l have to reach the finishing line.

I have just learnt that it’s the few steps we take which can make us be able to build generational wealth we so desire for our children and the generations to come. It begins with healthy financial discipline and behaviours. I shared a post on savings you can read it here. Savings is a starting point. I have a favourite quote by Robert Kiyosaki which always gives me power to play with my money in a jealousy manner,

“It’s not how much you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”. Robert Kiyosaki

So, when this is all over, I will continue spending only on essentials like how l am surviving during this lockdown, it is possible and will continue doing it.

Thank you @Muminstilettos for this challenge as you have pushed me to think out of my comfort zone.

Tribe let me know what are some of the lessons that you are learning during this lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic? Please do share it in the comments section.

Are you stuck not knowing how to manage your finances during this lockdown?

Do you struggle with healthy financial habits?

Do you need assistance in making your money to start working for you?

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Author: Talent T Manyonga

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