The Ja-no-worry mentality

Turn your Janu-worry to Ja-no-worry

Growing up, l have heard almost every person complaining about January disease and wondered what kind of a disease it is which repeatedly struck people in the same month every year.

As l grew older l got to understand that it’s a financial indiscipline disease.

The name has just changed from January disease to Janu-worry.

What puzzles me is why we continue to have the same issues every year in January and yet we all know that month is coming.

So today l want to talk about it so that we leave behind the Janu-worry mentality and stick to the Ja-no-worry.

Let’s shift our perspective and look at the bigger picture. January is just the same as any other month of the year. Yes, l am hearing questions like but we had spent all the money kedezember.

That’s point number one l will address.

Many people from where l live get their January salaries way earlier in December. If we understand that this income comes in December but it’s actually not for that month but for January we won’t have the Janu-worry issues.

Here are tips on how to move away from the Janu-worry stresses:

1) When the income comes earlier. Do your January budget and do all your expenses whilst you still at it. Thus paying school fees, buying uniforms, buying groceries, etc

2) If you have debit orders make arrangements with your bank for them to deduct the money earlier

3) Put aside your savings and a little for a rainy Ja-no-worry day

4) If you still have any extra then you can plan your kedezember spending

This way it ensures that you will not start your new year by borrowing. The problem with debt is that once you start with it you will find yourself trapped in it for the rest of the year and the Januworry will continue in a vicious circle.

Let this decade be a decade we take charge of our finances and live a stress debt-free life.

Author Talent T Manyonga

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