March On

I have a video of my son which l cannot stop watching. His uncle Tinashe recorded him, he said he heard him crying and went to check what was happening and was amazed by what he found him doing and decided to capture the moment. When he sent the video, I was mesmerized with it and had two lessons l learnt.

Lesson 1 – Keep marching on

He was trying to stick a coin on the wall and it kept falling and that frustrated him so he started to cry. He didn’t give up, he picked the coin and tried again. This taught me that no matter the dark phase we go through in life we must never give up. With all the uncertainty we are currently experiencing in the whole world, sometimes we are frustrated as we don’t know what our tomorrow will be like.

We get to blame the government for not being proactive so that maybe the virus would not have spread through to our countries. I ask myself “what change does it make?” No, it will not have any change but it’s just a formality for all human beings to blame others because that’s easier. However, the honest truth blame game will not help us we just have to re-strategize and review our goals.

Lesson 2 – Being determined

Looking back at the video my son keeps on trying to stick his coin until on the last stroll it gets stuck to the wall. Not sure how that happened! But he did it and he was very proud of himself; l was also proud of him.

As I was going through my vision board and checking my annual goals which l had set the beginning of the year. I saw three-quarters of them being impossible to achieve, however, I told my negative self that l must find another way to achieve them. I started re-strategizing and putting possible probabilities due to the uncertainty.

 I have hope and faith that our lives will get back to being normal. Let’s keep marching on and being determined, we will fight this together.

Let’s continue practicing good hygiene and self-distancing



Author: Talent T Manyonga

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