Get up real: Money is after those who look for it

The current world situation and uncertainty we facing right now, has just reminded me of some years back when l set my foot in the corporate world. My first job aha, 15 years ago how can l forget, my income barely covered a quarter of my living expenses. I was very grateful that l was working and l got the job at least it was an answered prayer. It was not the one l desired but l was lucky that l had been hired as a sales consultant but I only earned transport allowance. We all know how most of the sales teamwork, you earn commission on the sales made.
When they sell it to you how making the sales is like, it seems like an easy thing to do. So, l dreamt of myself already making triple of my commission. How was I supposed to turn down an amazing offer like that? My biggest mistake which l do not regret but l learned lessons which l will share with you.

I accepted the job offer and l did not have any experience of sales or how to persuade someone to even purchase the product which l did not even understand. I spent a year without even making a single sale. You can ask why did you continue going to work? I also ask myself that same question!

By the way, why am l sharing this story…? On this one day just after payday, we were in the canteen having our lunch, my colleagues and I. Everyone had bought takeaways, me being myself, l could not afford that luxury even after getting paid, so l had my lunch with sadza (pap) and boiled eggs mixed with soup. That was the best meal l could afford, meat was a luxury. As l opened my lunch my colleagues looked at me and started laughing. To say l was embarrassed it’s an understatement, humans can be cruel at times.

Until to this day l thank my colleagues for that, they pushed me to come out of my comfort zone and the complainers’ school of thought. That was the day l decided that l was going to look for other ideas to generate more income. That was the day l told myself l had to save up so that l can be able to pursue a career l had passion in and loved.

As l went back home l used to seat next to this lady whom l just used to greet, but that day l had guts to chat with her. Through our chatting l told her that my side hustle was hairdressing and that was my first customer and she even got me more customers. l could now make more than a triple of my allowance and it was now possible to pursue my dream of building my career. You see why my heading is get up real or money is after those who look for it.

I had a talent which l wasn’t using because l was comfortable with my poverty and complaining that they pay me too little so what can l do? This is the mindset which l am seeing many people falling into during this period. “I had salary cut, l am not being paid, l don’t have anything to do at home, etc” that is what many are saying. I get to ask myself what exactly do humans want, when they are going to work l hear “l am tired of working, l don’t have time to start my studies or that business”. Now you have all the time you can have in a day but they are still having many complaints!!

The situation we are currently in is very devastating and worrisome, but what gain do we get from complaining? No gain at all but just wasting one’s time. This is the time to start leveraging on the benefits you can get from staying at home, start using your talents to earn you some money.

In my previous post, the past weeks l always mentioned about those savings we are making through staying at home. My friend Melody’s son had a birthday on Saturday, she baked a delicious cake. With this she saved money and l encouraged her to pursue her talent in baking, you may never know.

Life is all about taking those daring steps challenging ourselves and committing to our ideas so that we can be able to make money. Money loves people who genuinely look for it and who takes care of it. Even the Bible says “l will bless the work of your hands”, what are you doing with your hands?

Tribe let us all get up real and let the money start following us. It begins with change and a positive mindset.


Author: Talent T Manyonga

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