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Beginning of the year it had been busy on social media sites, people talking of new year’s resolutions, vision boards, and all saving tips, just to mention a few. Many have written down the resolutions and made the vision boards. The question is have we changed or done anything as yet on what we have written down on our resolutions? Are we affirming our visions or we just mounted the vision board on the wall and left it like that?

Do we realize that we have spent 59 days which is 1439 hours! What have we accomplished in these hours? Maybe you are that I- will-start-tomorrow type and the cycle will just continue like that until we get to December and that’s when some will have a wake-up call. It’s sad that some will never achieve anything and will continue living in the previous decade.

This post will explain mostly my personal journey of these 59 days so far in twenty plenty as l prefer calling it. I for one did not know of vision boards. I saw this on Facebook groups and was mesmerized with the idea and did some research on it. I told my husband about it and we made one. I even went to the extent of downloading an app were l do my daily affirmations.

Lessons learned on setting up goals or resolutions:

– I set up a few goals for myself which l intended to achieve this year. I have noticed that having a goal plan will give a direction and if something comes through the way which is not in alignment with my goal, I can easily say no to it because it’s not part of my plans, hence this will enhance good planning.

– I continuously revisit my goals to see if l am working towards or against achieving them, on this l ask myself if my daily routine is working on or against my goal plan

– Establishing my personal goals, l also learned that we have to set goals that we have control over. Why am l saying so? In January was a bit disappointed when one of my goals was crushed, but I wasn’t disappointed for too long cause l went to revisit my goals and l started asking myself questions,” did I have any control over this, how much influence did I have” and all my answers were NO. I did not have control or influence on this certain goal. Which means that  I should not have put it down. So that helped me to move on and accept the situation.

– My lesson based on the above when setting goals to ensure that you put down what you have control over or what you can influence to avoid disappointments. Also, the goals must always be SMART which is being specific, measurable, accurate, realistic, and have a time frame. I had to go back to my vision board and change some of the goals and put more realistic ones that l have control over.

– Having goals will bring in the zeal to put in that extra effort to get it done in time. When l started being restless searching for ideas on what l can do better, everyday l get new ideas and opportunities always pop up. This has thought me that good planning will lead to prosperity.

– Lastly, l learned that today is the day to start and tomorrow will be a day to do better than what l had done yesterday.

Let us all continue with our good financial management and those savings must not be caught up in accidents. Let’s move on with the twenty-plenty spirit, and opportunities will surely find us. We are responsible for our tomorrow and whatever decision we make today will determine how tomorrow will be.

“Let’s wise up and stop wasting time we do not really have it” Tarie’s quotes.

Would be interested in your feedback so far for 2020, how have we been doing?

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