Avoid putting your budget into unnecessary stress: Reason why you still stuck in debt

I have noticed that many people feel left out and have the urge to upgrade their lifestyle before their pockets permit them. Which often leads many into debt which is unnecessary. I always tell everybody who cares to listen that know that you are the author of your own life story, write your own story, and don’t copy what others are writing or don’t let anyone write your story.

The same applies to money this principle works 100%. Mostly our friends always ask us when we are going to upgrade our car, then we always say when the time is right. We know and understand our financial story and our goals. So, whether they feel that we are stingy. Many label us that Accountants are stingy, oh well l can tell you that you must be stingy with your money so you can see the works of it.

The rule with money if you are not disciplined you will end up fill pressured and end up going into debt just to impress others. Also, if you just moving without any financial goals you will just end up buying with no proper financial planning just because you have been asked when you are going to upgrade.

That is the reason why l always emphasize on the importance of budgeting and understanding your personal financial circumstances so that you don’t end up diverting your spending plan just to please others and straining your budget in the process. Debt is not good especially if you are taking it for unnecessary expenses which you cannot measure the value of it.

The reason why many people are stuck in debt is that they live to impress and to be seen that they have arrived. What they forget is to let their money labor for them for their future self. Debt is very expensive, the interest rates, fees its something one can avoid if you live within your means. Understanding what you can and cannot afford now.

When you understand where you want to be, it’s easy to plan how you intend to get there and know the financial steps and sacrifices to do to be able to reach that financial destination. Lets all wise up and work with what our budgets can handle. Avoid debt, avoid spending more than what you can afford.

Know your money and financial goals, stick to them and your money will not depart from you “– Tarie’s quotes


By Talent Tarie Manyonga

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